Someone should make minimalist Moz remixes and call it Moreislessyousee.

Writing exercise

…took eight key-presses, a second of my day, and burned approximately 0.02833333333333 calories.


Nostalgia for a bygone time you’ve never experienced is longing for a present where you know the future — an impossible life where everything is understood and coherent, from an overarching point-of-view.

Nostalgia for a bygone time you have experienced is longing for a present where the future doesn’t matter.

Imagine an octave chord being strummed — forever

Someone should start a band that covers songs by the Strokes, but use only one chord per song. So much longing, no resolution.

A new approach

At the urging of my roommate (and friend) Man Bartlett, I’ve relaunched postmodem. I’ve deleted all the old posts to start fresh and the format has changed a bit.

Basically, there isn’t any format.

This a place to stash a never-ending stream of ideas. It’s a place to show everyone what I’ve been working on and thinking about.  There is no bar for entry and any editing will be minimal. postmodem exists in order to figure out why it exists.


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